Universal Car Steering Wheel Phone Holder

$19.95 $39.95


This Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder is easy to install and works with all smartphones.  Secure your mobile phone on your steering wheel while you drive in a clear and visible position.

The perfect gift for someone whose safety you care about!

  • Prevent Distractions on the road, and promote safety!

Holder helps avoid potential distractions that can lead to serious accidents while driving

  • Hear conversations better

Allows calls to be easily heard due to proximity and direction of speaker.  Not only a safety device!

  • Access music without difficulty

For those who enjoy music while driving, the holder allows quick and easy access to change stations or choose your favourite song with ease.

  • Use the Phone for GPS

The phone can double up and easily be used for GPS directions, in easy and safe line of sight for the driver.

Grab this Awesome Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder NOW!!