The PowerUp™ Red Light Therapy Device

$54.95 $79.95


Do you want to improve your energy levels??  Get our stronger and portable cutting edge Red Light Therapy device, and allow the healing powers of red light to energise your body from the comfort of your own home.

Nasal Light Therapy, as used by Ben Greenfield, Anthony DiClementi. and other bio hackers, with 660nm wavelengths has ability to improve circulation and immune systems, decrease inflammation, cleanse the blood and enhance ATP (energy) production!

By shining the red light in this targetted wavelength into the capilarise in your nose, this energy gets straight into your bloodstream, stimulating your mitochondria!

  • Red Light Therapy Device
  • Produces wavelength 660nm with most healing powers
  • For use inside the nose, to access the capillary rich nasal cavity for maximum energising effect
  • Settings for pulse or constant on
  • Portable design
  • Can lead to improved blood flow, reduced oxidation, cell regeneration and enhanced mitochondrial function
  • Improve sleep and can stop snoring
  • Allows you to dictate treatment times
  • Batteries not included