BioNase - Effective Red Light Therapy Devise

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Nasal Light Therapy, as used by Ben Greenfield, Anthony DiClementi. and other bio hackers, with 660nm wavelengths has ability to improve circulation and immune systems, decrease inflammation, cleanse the blood and enhance ATP (energy) production!

By shining the red light in this targetted wavelength into the capilarise of your nose, this energy gets straight into your bloodstream, stimulating your mitochondria!

This particular device's  light makes the nasal mucous membranes less sensitive to triggers such as pollen of flowering plants and trees, dust mite, animal fur and other allergens. This helps reduce nose irritation that occurs in response to hay fever or other allergies. Light therapy can also be used preventatively before exposure to pollen or pets to avoid symptoms. 

  • Red Light Therapy Device
  • Produces wavelength 660nm with most healing powers
  • For use inside the nose, to access the capillary rich nasal cavity for maximum energising effect
  • Portable design
  • Can lead to improved blood flow, reduced oxidation, cell regeneration and enhanced mitochondrial function
  • Works in 15min blocks, self timed
  • Batteries not included